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What I meant was that I don't have an official OOB for then so I just mentioned in the text the combat squadrons as Odgers gives them at that time. "great detail the tortures inflicted by the Caliph on prisoners" Anything that could be briefly mentioned? So lernen sie Olli kennen, der nicht lange fackelt. However, the 2008 the Folio Society edition consists of a selection from the three previous volumes, and so is not part of the series. In general, the sources appear to be of the appropriate standards of quality and reliability. Gerda Arendt ( talk ) 08:32, (UTC) Probably. Gerda Arendt ( talk ) 08:47, (UTC) Gerda, I think you're right, so I've removed one instance, see what you think. Then they might avoid strange head-scratchers such as "The enduring consequences include the end of his marriage, about which his wife, Beverly Turner, has written affectingly."   Amakuru ( talk ) 08:39, (UTC) Yes, what bilge. Nikkimaria ( talk ) 02:26, (UTC) The first one says: "Tsereteli as Minister of Posts and Telegraphs. In such cases use the parameter "publisher which will automatically de-italicise. For the similar process page for good articles, see, wikipedia:Good article nominations.

and there are three cases of "of" in quick succession; there must be a more elegant way of writing. Unfortunately, GBooks previews don't allow me access to the relevant chapter in the main source used, so my ability to complete a thorough check is somewhat limited to the news articles. The article passed its source and image reviews in the previous nomination and, since nothing's changed there, we believe that it doesn't need them to be reviewed again, but we'll abide by the decision of the delegates.- Sturmvogel. BLZ talk 05:17, (UTC) Than you for the help. I will try to do some more research when I have more time as Im busy with exams now. Alternatively, reviewers may transfer lengthy, resolved commentary to the FAC archive talk page, leaving a link in a note on the FAC archive. Quite a short one this time, since its emergence from an industrial wasteland means that it lacks the archaeology and military history that occur in coastal sites Jimfbleak - talk to me? Tim riley talk 19:46, (UTC) Comments by CPA-5 edit The vizier then tried to dominate al-Muktafi Shouldn't it be The Vizier? Midnightblueowl ( talk ) 19:10, (UTC) Done. Have gone with European, as whilst they were mostly British, there were others.

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Sportsfan77777 ( talk ) 06:34, (UTC) @ Sportsfan77777 : All fine except the one I responded to above. Prior to that infamous battle, it had been raised and formed in 1939 and spent the next few years being deployed around various parts of the. After a recent A class review I am hopeful that it approaches FA standard, but no doubt it contains flaws and lacunae and all suggestions for improvement are welcome. Nikkimaria ( talk ) 03:15, (UTC) Done. I have re-written the entire article over the past six months, and it has passed its GA review. 9.- Coffee and crumbs 22:46, (UTC) Most images have no ALT text. There is method in my madness here in that Pathfinder, though organised like a magazine or bulletin, is afaik only available online and has no page numbers and so doesn't really benefit (IMO) from a short cite to something. Nikkimaria ( talk ) 03:41, (UTC) Comments by Wehwalt edit "Only two ships were laid down before the Second World War began in September 1939 and a third was ordered during the war, but their construction was suspended shortly afterwards. There are a bunch of duplinks. A double play in which the fielder at third base throws to second base who throws to first base, getting two outs in the process; (also, rare) a type of sidearm pitch', and doesn't have (at first glance) 'round the Horn' (or 'around the Horn. Aoba47 ( talk ) 20:32, (UTC) I think what you included was good. Kaiser matias ( talk ) 17:35, (UTC) @ Nikkimaria : I was incorrect, and both are from the Roobol book. Adding the years (as it can only be a rough approximation). Tim riley talk 11:25, (UTC) @ Tim riley : Thanks for these detailed comments. 1939" Confirming that he was retired and appointment commander. 12:41, (UTC) Gadsden Purchase half dollar edit Nominator(s Wehwalt ( talk ) 16:56, shemale düsseldorf sie sucht ihn bremen sex (UTC) This article is about. Offering exclusive content not available. Minor comments as I read: Design I am not sure that we need the translation of Kaiserliche Marine again. Randy Kryn ( talk ) 03:39, (UTC) Image review edit File:g : This should link to a file source page, not a direct file link. Also lädt er Gernot und Jürgen zu sich nach Hause ein, auch wenn die deutlich älter sind als. Hawkeye7 (discuss) 09:50, (UTC) the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.9687 suggest ordering the refs numerically here. Da Johannes mit Kumpels wegfahren wird, direkt am ersten Tag seiner Abwesenheit. Made it more factual and direct A duplicate link to Ukraine seems harmless, but could. I'm not sure of the value of this link Added. Which would explode with the power of thousands of tons of dynamite. From the FAC template, click on the red "initiate the nomination" link or the blue "leave comments" link. This appears to be supporting the statement that Thompson published a book, which might not require a page number in itself, but the statement also goes into some specific details.which included the camp oven story and said that Geharty. Sportsfan77777 ( talk ) 05:20, (UTC) Comments from Ceranthor edit Will post comments asap.

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Forum wifesharing das erste mal anal Tim riley talk 18:03, (UTC) Thanks for the explanations, I was unaware of those and am glad for the advice. "He attended the Conference of the Three Internationals - where was this held? It is nice even for non-deaf hearers to forum wifesharing das erste mal anal have subtitles right there lol.
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forum wifesharing das erste mal anal I moved the source to clarify it is just for the first part of the sentence, added the book source to the end of the sentence, and re-worded the second part to clarify that she only ended up playing five tournaments (which wasn't her plan). I was probably thinking of it being exhibited by a government institution (the state library) rather than its origin. Prior to December 2014, there was no Top Album Sales chart.
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